Named after NJAC’s former Executive Director and life-long advocate for practical policies and practices for vulnerable individuals, James A. Hemm House is a Residential Community Release Program (RCRP) for up to sixty men on work release from an NJ state correctional facility. Hemm House is accredited by the American Correctional Association (ACA).

Located in a large home in a community setting, each resident at Hemm House is able to obtain a job, attend a school, or receive training shortly after arrival. Case Managers and other professional staff work closely with each resident to help him access the tools and resources needed to maintain employment and establish other positive connections to aid in a successful reentry into the community, with a focus on those areas known to reduce risk of recidivism. All residents also complete service hours as a way to give back and become involved in the community.

Participation in an RCRP is voluntary. Individuals choose to serve out their sentences in the community with the understanding that they will adhere to strict accountability requirements on their movements in the community and work on established goals with the support of program staff. All residents are referred through the NJ Department of Corrections.

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