Winifred Canright House Monmouth County

Winifred Canright House provides transitional housing, healthcare, and supportive services to homeless men. Program stays are normally nine months to one year, however, a client may reside at the program for up to two years if necessary or until they are able to become self-sufficient and acquire suitable permanent housing.

Services are provided on a daily basis for up to eighteen eligible clients. Program staff maintains working relationships with referring agencies, interviewing prospective clients, and maintaining a waiting list. Upon admission, the Case Manager conducts initial interviews with the client to assess their immediate needs and obtain records from the referring agency. Within two weeks of admission, a medical and social needs-assessment is conducted and a Program Plan is in place. Program Plans include budgeting issues, substance use treatment, mental health counseling, transportation needs, employment (if feasible, determined on a client by client basis), medical needs, and long-term housing options. If for medical reasons, employment is not obtainable, the Case Manager aids the client in applying for monies elsewhere (social security, disability, etc.). The Program Plan includes long and short-term goals with the overall goal for each client to become self-sufficient and to obtain suitable permanent housing. During their stay, clients can receive nursing services, attend group counseling, and meet weekly with their Case Manager to review their progress and identify any new needs or discuss any other issues that either deem necessary. Family counseling is arranged on an as-needed basis.

On a regular basis, program staff networks with local and statewide groups and housing coalition meetings in Monmouth County. Additionally, the staff maintains relationships with local NA and AA representatives to ensure the continuance of client participation both at the program and off-site.

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