Providing a low-cost, full spectrum of vacant property preservation services, including securing, winterization, debris removal, lawn maintenance and snow removal.

Our Services

Your Property Is In Good Hands. 



Þ Property Securing & Boarding

à Basement Window - $35

à 1st Floor Window - $80

à 2nd Floor Window - $95

à Doors - $150

Þ Sidewalk Clearing

    à Snow Removal up to 150ft - $60

Þ Trash & Debris Removal

à Per cubic yard - $75

Þ Yard Maintenance

à Initial cut up to 2000sq.ft - $65

Þ Inspection Services

à Property Inspection - $150

à Re-Inspection - $30

Prices subject to change based on specific property or job required.

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Boarding Of Doors, Windows & All Potential Entryways

Þ Deterrents to break-ins and unlawful activities

Þ Ensuring compliance with insurance company and municipality requirements

Þ Decorative in appearance, enhancing or maintaining community visual      appeal

Re-Inspection Services

Þ Providing added safety measures and ensure buildings in compliance with city ordinances

Þ On-Going re-inspection services maybe requested

Winterization Essentials

Þ Water lines drained

Þ Determining the presence of gas and/or electricity

Þ Notification of appropriate authorities for utilities properly disconnected (i.e. gas and/or electrical lines

Lawn And Yard Maintenance

Þ To Ensure Compliance  with City Ordinances

Þ Perimeter of building, fence lines, parking lot(s), landscape beds kept free of weeds

Þ Grass height maintained according to ordinance with trimming removal

Þ Exterior property kept free of debris

Þ Property fencing and/or retaining walls repaired, straightened or removed

Þ Graffiti or similar markings removed or covered with paint to match the      property's exterior

Þ Snow removal- to include sidewalks, driveways as needed and any common areas that could pose potential safety hazards to pedestrians

 Added Safety Measures

Þ Location and identification of discarded or stored hazardous materials (chemicals/toxic /combustible materials)

Þ Removal and appropriate disposal of waste oils, propane tanks, paint air and gas cylinders

Þ Removal of solid waste including tires, paper, wood and construction debris

Þ Removal of abandoned furniture in and around property

Þ Notification of appropriate authorities for removal of health hazards (syringes, needles, mold, blood, wild and domestic animals)

Þ Recording of location proximity to fire hydrants

Þ Documenting  location proximity to schools

Þ Verifying a property construction type and identifying visual structural damage