The Batterers Intervention Program (BIP) is a 40-week program that consists of weekly groups that run for 90 minutes.  The groups are run by two trained facilitators, one male, and one female.

It is a highly structured program that prioritizes offender accountability and confronts the cognitive-behavioral distortions that support an abusive person’s belief that he* has the right to abuse his partner. The NJAC BIPs draw primarily from the Emerge curriculum mixed with elements of the Duluth model. Both define battering as a relationship strategy based on a systematic pattern of coercive control. It is done almost exclusively within intimate partner relationships by individuals who have the ability to be respectful to others. It is not an anger management issue or the result of substance abuse, mental illness, or other possible rationales; it is a desire for power and control over the victim and a choice to act in ways that achieve this goal.

As a learned behavior, it is the belief that batterers can change. The primary goal is for batterers to change their belief system, which is that they have the right to abuse someone. To change this belief system, batterers must first be accountable for their actions and not blame others or think of themselves as victims.

Access: Most participants have lived in a household with children that are involved with NJ DCF and are referred through this source.

Services may be available through referrals from other sources on a self-pay basis when there is room available

*While the pronoun “he” is used, the majority of batterers are men.  Women and others can and do also batter their partners, occurring in heterosexual and LGBTQ communities.

For more information contact: BIP Monmouth Staff, [email protected]

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