21 North Clinton Avenue
Trenton, New Jersey 08609
Phone: (609) 503-4664
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In 1966, the New Jersey Association on Correction (NJAC) opened one of the first halfway houses in the state of New Jersey, Clinton House. NJAC also was the first facility in New Jersey to contract with both federal and state government to provide pre-release services to inmates.

Since its inception, Clinton House has offered incarcerated individuals the opportunity to serve the final months prior to their parole in a community setting. With the support of trained professionals, residents are afforded the opportunity to re-adjust to community living. As employment is the cornerstone of this residential program, each resident is required to be gainfully employed or attending college or an approved training program within a short time of their arrival to Clinton House. Case Managers work closely with the clients in order to provide them with the tools necessary to gain meaningful employment and/or training.

Participation in a halfway house program is voluntary and residents choose to come to the program with the understanding that they will conform to the house rules and their Program Contract, which is developed with the assistance of Case Managers. The Program Contract incorporates personal goals, as well as employment, counseling, educational, and financial needs. Counseling is provided on an individual and group basis. In individual sessions, clients work on the issues that are particular to their own situation, while group counseling focuses on developing communication skills, respect for others, and group responsibility.

Specialized substance abuse and mental health counseling is also available to residents. Constructive use of leisure time is encouraged and organized leisure activities are scheduled on a regular basis. Clients are required to volunteer, on a weekly basis, with local non-profit organizations. Community service fosters positive self-esteem, builds support networks and oftentimes fulfills parole requirements for residents.