Background and History

Established in 1961, New Jersey Association on Correction (NJAC) is a private not-for-profit organization. Among NJAC’s clients are survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault, women at risk of separation from their children due to child abuse and/or neglect, women in recovery and their children, people at risk for and living with HIV/AIDS, adult-ex-offenders, and youth who are at risk of becoming offenders. Program locations range southern New Jersey to northern New Jersey with numerous sites in between.

Since its inception, NJAC has provided various types of support services to clients, depending upon client need. Direct and linked support services include case management, community support groups and social services, housing assistance, legal and financial assistance, transportation, linkage to medical personnel and facilities, personal care and counseling, crisis intervention and stabilization, life and living skills training, financial education and counseling, relocation assistance for survivors, vocational and educational training, and job placement, among others.